If you enjoy watching movies that have realistic plots and are not fictional in nature, then you must definitely watch maamanithan. This movie has made a recent addition to the list of 2022 Tamil movies. Ever since its release, this movie has gained great popularity among the viewers of the Tollywood industry.

Viewers of this particular movie will not be disappointed with the story and the plot of the movie. If you are wondering where you can watch this particular movie, then you can definitely hop onto the video streaming platform Aha.

The cast of Maamanithan  

The movie maamanithan was directed by Seenu Ramasamy. The lead cast of the movie is Vijay Sethupathi and Gayathri Shankar. Both the lead roles have done an excellent job in the movie.

The plot of Maamanithan 

The entire movie deals with the life journey of an ordinary man. Radhakrishnan, who is a middle-aged auto driver, Lives a happy and loving life with his wife and two kids. Further in the movie, it is noticed that as a bedtime story, Radhakrishnan narrates small parts of his life to his two kids.

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Therefore via the bedtime stories, get to know this small journey of Radhakrishnan’s life. He also read stories about how he ended up in his current family life and how he aspires to have a better life than the one he is leading now.

The movie narrates the entire timeline of Radhakrishnan’s life. If you are interested in such a plot, then you must definitely watch this movie on the popular and trending Ott platform Aha.

What to expect from Maamanithan

The movie has a great realistic and naturalistic plot that keeps the viewers engrossed in their screens. The characters present in the movie have played a wonderful task in resenting each role. The storytelling and narration section of the movie has been greatly scripted and presented by the director. It is one of the best presentations of Vijay Sethupathi.

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