With the world becoming increasingly online, it is extremely important to be a part of this comparatively new virtual world. From Facebook to Instagram, Twitter to Mozo, the life on the screen is what matters the most. From being just applications which allowed people to connect with each other via posts, stories and messages, the applications have now adapted themselves to become a huge market for a plethora of activities. While it is super easy to create a profile on platforms like Instagram, on the other hand it is equally difficult to create your presence and leave a mark. When your work’s worth is measured with Instagram likes, then you need to know the basics of it all.

How to gain maximum Instagram followers

  • Post quality content! The first step towards receiving good feedback is to give your audience quality every time you post something. Work on the quality and presentation of your content, because aesthetic content always wins the race!
  • Be consistent. Disappearing now and then will not fetch you likes and comments. Consistency in your work will make you a reliable account to follow because your audience will always have something to look forward to.
  • Engage with your audience. Host lives, talk on your stories from time to time so that there is a direct interaction with your audience. This way they will remember you apart from your posts as well and will help in fetching you buy Instagram followers.

The dark side of Instagram

While the original motive of all these platforms was to bring people together from all across the globe, it very quickly deviated from that route and ended up being a competitive place where everyone is trying to create an identity of their own for people to follow. People receiving thousands of Instagram likes are treated as celebrities while people who don’t get enough of those red hearts start doubting them and think that they are not enough.

Research shows that people who use social media for more than 3 hours a day are more likely to be affected with mental health problems like anxiety and depression. This is very much evident if we look around us closely. People tend to have a low self-esteem if they don’t have enough followers on Instagram.


Instagram is such a fantastic platform to showcase your creativity but at the same time one must not let it overpower your entire life. The likes and comments and views you get online hold a very significant place in your success but they are not the deciding factors of your journey. Work hard on your content and success will definitely come to you hopping and running with joy!