Weddings are special occasion’s start of a new chapter in the lives of two people. Planning for your wedding is an exciting and fun experience, but it also is challenging to come up with unique ideas that will make your big day memorable. One trend that is becoming increasingly popular is DIY Champagne walls. A DIY Champagne wall is a beautiful way to add some glamour and sophistication to your wedding reception. It’s both functional and stylish, allowing guests to serve themselves champagne while admiring its stunning display. Incorporating a DIY Champagne wall into your wedding decor, here are some tips on how to create one.

Choose Your Wall – The first step in creating a Champagne wall is choosing the right surface for it. You use anything from wooden pallets or pegboards to acrylic sheets or mirrors as the base for your wall one that fits well with the theme and colour scheme of your wedding. The size of your wall will depend on how many glasses you want to hold at once in the space available at your venue. Once you’ve decided on this, measure out where each glass holder should go so they are evenly spaced apart.

Cut Your Holes – Drill holes into your chosen base material using a whole saw attachment for power drills or by hand if necessary (with caution!). These holes should be slightly larger than the stem of a champagne flute so they fit snugly without risking breakages. Once the holes are drilled, use Occasional Paper Cuts to smooth them out and ensure the champagne flutes fit into them securely. Use a level to check that the holes are even and that the champagne flutes fit snugly. Use super glue to secure the champagne flutes in place.

Decorate Your Wall – Now comes the fun part of decorating! You personalize this however you like to wrap fairy lights around it. Attach greenery such as eucalyptus leaves add floral arrangements; drape fabric over it etc… Possibilities are endless. It’s, time to arrange all those gorgeous glasses! Place them upside down through each hole ensuring there’s enough room between them so no accidents happen when someone takes their drink off from its stand. There are numerous other ways to decorate and enhance these displays too including adding bespoke signs which read and more creative phrases written in calligraphy. Placing bottles alongside will further highlight this feature point.


Creating these walls need not cost much money nor require professional assistance. They’re e easy enough for anyone with basic construction skills, a few tools, and imagination making them the perfect t addition no matter what type and cost level of the event the being is held.