When parents get divorced the real one who is put under great pressure and stress are their children. Obviously the parents are also highly puzzled while it comes to their child custody. In some cases, the couples would have taken a better decision over the child custody before approaching the court for divorce. However in many cases, the couples tend to knock the doors of the court in order to get their child custody. And in order to handle this case, they tend to move towards the best child custody lawyers.


Since both the father and mother tend to have rights for their child custody, the court will consider the eligibility factor for providing the custody to one among them. And it is to be noted that this eligibility criteria will get varied from one country to another depending upon the law. However, there are some common factors which are highly essential to get child custody in all the countries. The first and foremost thing is the people who are seeking for the custody should have proper income or financial status. They should not be involved in any kind of criminal case and they must be capable of providing better living atmosphere for the children.



It is to be noted that the person who is seeking for the child custody can also seek for the compensation in order to secure the future of the children in a better way. But this can be done effectively only through the guidance of the child custody lawyer. That is once if these lawyers are approached they will help in getting the child custody along with proper compensation. They will also make negotiations in front of the law according to the requirements of their clients. Hence the people who don’t want to get compromised over the custody of their children should hire the best child custody lawyer to handle their case.

Visitation rights

Even if the court has given the custody to the mother or father, the one who have lost the case tend to have the visitation rights. But there are also certain strategies which are to be followed to get the visitation rights according to the law. In order to apply for the visitation right and to win the case, the child custody attorneys will be a better guidance for their clients. In case if there are any disputes in the case, the attorneys will help in sorting out it and will help in winning the case.

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